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Kodak officially released the video hybrid cloud

on September 22, the 2017 Kodak video hybrid cloud media conference with the theme of building another cloud and full connection of vision was held in Beijing. More than 30 authoritative media and experts from cloud computing, communications and other fields jointly witnessed the first release of this video hybrid cloud

the host announced the start of the press conference

more than 30 media and experts witnessed the release process

at the beginning of the press conference, Mr. Liu Zhiqiang, director of Kodak brand, delivered a speech. He extended a warm welcome to all the guests present and briefly introduced the development of Kodak. He said that Kodak has grown from a pure communication equipment manufacturer in 1995 to a professional provider of video and security products and solutions, which is behind the in-depth and accurate grasp of customer needs and the matching of innovative technologies. At present, hybrid cloud has become a necessary option for enterprise IT strategy. Taking this opportunity, Kodak will promote the in-depth application and full implementation of hybrid cloud in the video industry, and speed up the pace of users' full access to the cloud

Mr. Liu Zhiqiang, Kodak brand director, delivered a speech

then Mr. Wu Yingnan, deputy general manager of Kodak video product line, introduced the successful experience of Kodak and cloud. In 2011, Kodak established Moyun, the first video brand engaged in public cloud leasing in China. Over the past seven years, it has accumulated a large number of users and accumulated strong operation technology and experience. Such technical strength makes Kodak capable and confident of becoming the first domestic manufacturer to release video hybrid cloud

Mr. Wu Yingnan, deputy general manager of Kodak video product line, introduced Kodak and cloud

next, Mr. Li Yang, product director of Kodak video product line, comprehensively described the protagonist of this press conference - Kodak video hybrid cloud, which greatly reduced the defect rate

Mr. Li Yang, product director of Kodak video product line, released the release background of Kodak video hybrid cloud

Video hybrid cloud

2.4 the technical indicators of product security requirements are more comprehensive

since this year, the cloud computing market has triggered a hybrid cloud storm. Amazon, a cloud computing giant that has always adhered to the public cloud strategy, announced to cooperate with VMware to develop the hybrid cloud market, while Microsoft, another giant, released azure stack to accelerate the promotion of its hybrid cloud strategy, while other cloud computing suppliers have followed suit

video communication business also has a large number of hybrid cloud market opportunities. As Keda, which provides video private cloud technology and public cloud services at the same time, according to the needs of Chinese users, Keda video hybrid cloud is officially released

what is video hybrid cloud

to build this reliable and seamlessly integrated video hybrid cloud, we must first understand it. Mr. Li Yang defines the video hybrid cloud with the phrase "connect the video private cloud and the video public cloud through public-private mixing", which is also a common view in the field of hybrid cloud. At the same time, he mentioned another definition of video hybrid cloud: soft and hard hybrid. Cloud management and control software can be deployed in the user data center, and software media processing resources can be deployed to deal with conventional video services, and hardware media processing resources can be deployed to deal with strong media services such as h.265/4k

what changes has it brought

hybrid cloud takes into account both the security of private cloud and the flexibility of public cloud deployment, achieving the purpose of economy and security. When deploying applications, users do not need to purchase a large number of hardware devices, which can be deployed quickly and reduce costs. At the same time, the public cloud platform provides a unified user experience, unified portal, unified management, unified services, unified experience, which can maximize user functions and simplify operation and maintenance management

so, is it reliable

video hybrid cloud takes conference as the center, and comprehensively improves the user experience from six dimensions: public/private calls, instant messaging, B2B interconnection, integrated API, security and disaster recovery backup. Among them, users are most concerned about security issues

Mr. Li Yang introduced that at the technical level, Kodak video hybrid cloud has taken security measures from cloud tenant security, conference information security, user/device access authentication, h.460 firewall traversal, aes/des video stream encryption and many other aspects

when it comes to cloud, disaster recovery backup must be mentioned. When the private cloud platform equipment fails, Keda video public cloud platform can take over the conference service and reliably migrate the conference data

who uses this cloud

on the application of video hybrid cloud, Mr. Li Yang introduced two typical application scenarios

I. large scale hybrid cloud deployment of enterprises. When users need to ensure that important conference information and code streams are fully controlled, they also need to deploy more terminals or mobile external dimensions on the Internet: 2124 × six hundred × Video hybrid cloud is undoubtedly the best choice when 1340mm applications and internal and external often need to be interconnected. Such as insurance companies and other enterprises

second, B2B interconnection. In today's era, users' communication needs have long exceeded their own enterprises and units, but so far, it is difficult to realize the interoperability between enterprise video conference networks. Video hybrid cloud is the most reliable, secure and convenient solution to this problem. Take 2 Taking a clothing enterprise in aerospace as an example, Keda video hybrid cloud can easily realize collaborative communication with upstream and downstream suppliers and channels

in addition, Kodak video hybrid cloud can provide the function of live broadcast of private cloud conferences through the public cloud. The important conference contents such as policy propaganda and business training can be broadcast live and recorded, and users can choose to watch the live broadcast of the conference in real time through PC, and other terminal forms, and make an appointment to watch the replay, so as not to miss any important moment of the conference

after listening to Mr. Li Yang's introduction, Mr. zhangchaofeng, deputy general manager of China Telecom video center, a Kodak partner, shared his indissoluble bond with Kodak video hybrid cloud. In his speech, he recognized Kodak's products and services and looked forward to more dimensional and in-depth cooperation with Kodak in the field of video cloud services in the future

Mr. zhangchaofeng, deputy general manager of Chinatelecom video center, shared cooperation experience. At the end of the press conference, various media asked questions about the customer value and future development direction of hybrid cloud

in 2017, the huge market potential of hybrid cloud began to be released gradually. Kodak video hybrid cloud chose to release at this time, which fully shows Kodak's ability and vision in the field of video cloud layout. Combined with Kodak's product development concept that has always been user value centered, the market is full of expectations for Kodak in the video hybrid cloud

for the video hybrid cloud, Kodak and users set out together

in addition, in order to better enable users and guests to truly experience the efficient and convenient communication experience brought by cloud video, Kodak also synchronously released a series of collaborative multi-function presentations and conducted on-site operation demonstrations. For more information about the multi-function presentation products of the collaboration series, please pay attention to the official of Keda. We will launch a product illustration in the near future to explain the product functions in detail

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