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Kodak PDF software helped the printing enterprise

Kodak graphic imaging group (GCG) display the award-winning technology - "PDF comparison" and "PDF merge" software at print 05 Exhibition (booth 6707). This is an Adobe Acrobat plug-in, which is applicable to the workflow management system of yinnengjie, yinnengjie strong packaging version and yinnengjie evolution version. The plug-in allows prepress operators to make temporary modifications in an automated manner when preparing production documents, which can significantly save time and cost for commercial and packaging printers

"PDF compare" and "PDF merge" software recently won the 2005 GATF INTERTECH Technology Award, which can provide automated, reliable and low-cost raw materials in the prepress workflow, and modify the working mode from renewable biological materials such as crop straw. Pdf comparison software is a quality control software, which can analyze two PDF files and determine the differences between them. Pdf merging software is a prepress production software, which allows operators to extract the elements of the previous operation (such as trapping, addition method, overprint setting, etc.) and merge all elements into the newly modified production document

"PDF comparison" helps commercial printers significantly save time

Banta publishing group, located in liberty, provides printing and digital imaging solutions for leading magazine publishers. The group's PDF comparison software is mainly used to correct documents by comparing the original documents. They found that this function is very practical in correcting customers' documents. "This software helps our prepress staff save time and improve efficiency. Since our work is mainly magazine printing, it is very difficult for sensors to determine which words on a page have been modified," said Dan Kinney, system administrator of Banta publishing group, "In the past, we could only spend a lot of time checking two proofs as a measuring instrument to check and modify. Now we just need to open PDF to compare the production and manufacturing of soft composite materials, which is different from metal materials, and compare the files on the screen."

the packaging prepress center handles temporary modifications more easily

cyber graphics is the prepress Department of Bryce company, located in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Bryce is a successful flexible packaging processor. Its customers include frito lay, kraft Nabisco and kellogg`s. Cybergraphics can provide a complete set of prepress services from color separation to design to final flexible plate making. With the help of PDF comparison and PDF merging software, cybergraphics company has successfully realized the rapid modification of expedited operations and the management of different versions of operations in the same type of prints

"PDF comparison and PDF merging are very helpful for our temporary modification - in the past, the temporary modification took 30 ~ 45 minutes, but now it only takes 10 ~ 15 minutes," said Kevin Bourquin, technical prepress R & D Manager of cybergraphics, "If we have an operation and the customer adds other processing later, or there are different language versions in the same series of prints, we can immediately find the modifications and quickly merge all the original trapping, marking and addition processing."

source: Eastman Kodak

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