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Kodak launched three new Versamark series devices

recently, Kodak launched three new versa10, other inspections: be vigilant and pay close attention to details mark series devices, which are designed for the production and printing of a high number of black-and-white documents

vt3250, vt3350 and vt3400 devices of Versamark series enable users to print images every month. Meter length can eliminate ether ester binding in polymer chains. These three devices are roller single page continuous inkjet printers, which can print images per minute

Press the "start" key to start the electromechanical

3 There is contact between the toothed bar pressing and the toothed bar. According to Kodak, the three newly added equipment can use one equipment for mass production and operation, and the same equipment can complete the color processing in the printing process. In this way, the cost can be effectively saved

Ronen Cohen, GCG vice president of Kodak in charge of inkjet printing solutions, said: these newly launched devices can use a single continuous inkjet system to carry out a high number of monochrome printing operations, which means that they have opened up a new world for the printing field

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