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Application of sy4000 general frequency converter in the textile industry

the textile industry is an old traditional industrial department, most of which are old-fashioned equipment and face a large task of technological transformation. As long as the frequency converter is used, less investment can be made and better results can be achieved, which is a realistic way

the textile industry is characterized by labor-intensive, harsh environment and large power consumption, so realizing automation and maximizing power saving is a way out. For fans, water pumps, central air-conditioning systems, air compressors, etc., the use of frequency converters can save about 30%, which is obviously very considerable

spinning machines, winding machines, bobbin machines, dyeing machines, setting machines, roving machines, ironing machines, disc knitting machines, etc. are commonly used in textile machinery. However, PEKK with 3D printing is used in aerospace and industrial utilization fields, and it is still a high subsidy that drives the explosive growth of the industry with a compound increase of more than 3 times. For the first time, frequency converters can be used for speed regulation, so that one machine can be used for multiple purposes and stepless speed regulation can be achieved, With high speed accuracy, stable speed value, convenient and simple speed regulation, it is indeed the most reasonable, economical and practical scheme for improving production capacity, ensuring quality, reducing wire breakage, meeting the production needs of different specifications, reducing labor intensity, etc

it is similar to the relevant spinning, chemical fiber, dyeing and finishing, weaving and garment factories

the current frequency converter manufacturers have special frequency converters specially designed to adapt to the textile industry to adapt to high ambient temperature, high humidity, and many fiber dust. The long-term reason lies in the continuous use of the dense SiO2 protective film on the surface, which has achieved good results. Many textile factories have achieved good economic benefits and comprehensive effects after using the frequency converter, which is deeply welcomed and favored by users

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