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Kodak printer creates a new model of professional printing

Kodak professional series new professional 8500 digital photo printer just attended the exhibition of WPPI (wetting and Portrait Photographers International), and rushed to CeBIT 2002 Expo to participate in the exhibition

kodak professional 8500 digital photo printer is not only small and fast, but also has very high image quality, which is very suitable for photographers who want to print professional quality photos on the spot

kodak professional 8500's continuous tone output is 314dpi, which can generate high-precision and quality photo output anywhere. It can print standard photos up to 8x10 inches, and each photo is laminated, which can effectively avoid scratches, fingerprints and water

the printing speed of this printer is faster than other thermal sublimation and inkjet printers on the market. An 8x10 inch photo can be printed in 75 seconds, and the cost of the media (printing paper and ink tape) of an 8x10 inch photo is very low, only $1.80

kodak professionals will replace the traditional thermosetting foaming material ionic 8500 with Kodak professional ekthatherm ink tape and printing paper. The printing paper channel matched with this machine can provide higher reliability, which will print high-quality and color restorative photos for users more reliably, and the number of repeated printing will also become less

kodak professional 8500 printer is an open structure device, which can be easily connected with existing working equipment, and is very simple in operation and maintenance. It is compatible with any application and supports various operating systems, including windows 98/me, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP, especially for crossbeam mobile and apple 9 X, etc. Users can connect through USB or parallel port. When the printer leaves the factory, it comes with a power cord, paper slot, dust cover, ink belt holder, print driver, users, calibration tools, and a copy of adobe elements CD with a value of $99 that can be welded on the multimeter pen with a popular hand sewing needle when measuring parameters at various points

kodak professional 8500 professional photo printer can provide professional photographers with an opportunity to print high-quality photos. At the same time, it also creates a new standard for a series of printers below $1000

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