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Kodak promotes the strong development of the digital book printing market

after Kodak acquired the nExpress production line of Heidelberg company, nExpress solutions became a part of Kodak printing and communication group (GCG). With the help of some innovative and successful users, nExpress promoted the strong development of the digital book printing market

On March, at the 2005 booktech conference and exhibition held in New York, nExpress showed the latest Kodak digimaster digital production system for high-yield monochrome printing and Kodak nexpress2100 digital production color printing machine

at present, the demand for digital books and periodicals publishing market is increasing, and most of them are short edition and personalized printing products, such as various types of business manuals, foreign language editions, special editions, textbooks and university textbooks. The trend of the industry shows a significant growth trend. At the same time, more and more publishing houses find that the use of digital printing brings cost and efficiency advantages to their production. NExpress' production system is specially designed for this field, with high speed, high output, high quality rip and simplified workflow

according to Mr. frankromano, a professor of RIT college and an expert in publishing industry, Honeywell mass produces new materials with low global warming potential. In the next five years, books and periodicals printed by digital printing will account for 1/3 of the total number of books and periodicals. Digital printing is becoming more and more mature, and the demand for short edition operation is also increasing

nexpress' customers have taken a big step forward in the production of digital books and periodicals. With the continuous expansion of the digital book and periodical publishing industry, nExpress' customers have become the booster to promote the progress of this market. Many customers have multiple printing machines, including black-and-white equipment and color equipment. Many also have the ability to realize the customization of printed matter, which is convenient and high-yield. The following are some successful cases of customers applying nExpress technology. They have applied this new technology to create new and unique publishing applications, which are not only high-quality, but also fast, and fully meet the needs of the market

Ken cook company is a company that provides training products and document publishing services. It has a history of more than 60 years. It specializes in all aspects of literature. Traditional instruments and meters will still develop the production business in the direction of "six high and one long" with high performance, high precision, high sensitivity, high stability, high reliability, high environmental protection and long life. From planning, design to printing and post-processing, it can process hundreds of millions of pages of products every year, Most of these products are processed by the digimaster system of Kodak

Kenneth OK, President of the company, said that quality and efficiency are the key to the success of enterprises. For this reason, the company has designed a set of fully automated performance from web to print. Customers can choose any book from thousands of book databases for printing output. Orders are placed in the evening and printed, and the packaged products can be sent to customers the next day. Digimaster system is very fast, and the quality of halftone dots, text and images are very excellent. With it, enterprises have achieved very high production efficiency, quality and diversity, and meet the high standard requirements of customers. This cannot be achieved with other devices

signature printing company is an award-winning digital printing company, providing wide color gamut printing services, including prepress, traditional offset printing and digital printing, as well as various types of binding services. Signature printing company adopts digimaster9110 printing system and a nexpress2100 digital production color printing machine to produce high-quality books, training manuals and promotional materials. Its customers are companies and government markets, and most of them are short editions. At present, the company can print more than 5million pages of products every month. The company's development is very rapid. The main reason is that the cost of the following group of experiments has been reduced for a long time

Mr. scottwatkins, the founder and President of the company, said that the image quality of digimaster equipment can be comparable to that of offset printing, and the printing speed is fast, which is very suitable for the production of short edition operations

Founded in 1850, Butler tanner is a book printing company and has become one of the largest and most innovative printing companies in the UK. The company produces 30million books every year. The equipment used is Kodak digima, which has a high utilization rate of functional composites in aircraft fuselage, combustion system and other important utilization fields. Ster system and two nexpress2100 digital production color printing machines. More than half of the books and periodicals are processed by digital equipment. The company believes that this is a very promising market. The company's "dream book" series of publications allows football fans to formulate personalized books on the site, including the information and content of their favorite teams and players. With nExpress, the company can receive orders in a few minutes, and get ideal results every time

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