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Kodak plans to focus on printing equipment and printing business after the reorganization.

it is reported that Eastman Kodak has submitted a plan to withdraw from bankruptcy protection. If the plan is approved, the unsecured creditors of the company can obtain the shares of the restructured company with a total value of $2.2 billion. At the same time, the restructured Kodak will divest most of its business and focus on printing equipment and printing business

according to Reuters, Kodak is expected to issue new shares, most of which are owned by the holders of second lien notes. The company will also appoint a new board of directors, and the appointment of new directors will be confirmed later

Kodak was founded in 1880 and filed for bankruptcy protection at the end of 2012. For many years before, this century old store could only survive by selling assets, especially the early patents of digital cameras. For most of the past year, Kodak divested a number of businesses that were not very important to it

on Monday, Kodak said it would sell its personalization and document imaging business to its UK pension for $650million, paving the way for Kodak to get rid of bankruptcy protection completely from July to September. In addition, Kodak no longer produces digital photo frames and home computer printers. The sales of ink used in home computer printers are declining, but the frame 1 of Kodi 4 and waterproof roll tensile testing machine must be lubricated. It is expected that this business will still be profitable next year

Reuters news said that once Kodak exits and presses the "input i/4" key to go bankrupt, the restructured Kodak will focus on commercial imaging and printing business, and believes that the company can make profits during the exhibition again in this field

Kodak said that it would provide relevant electronic equipment, chemicals and printingsurfaces to enterprise customers and graphics equipment manufacturers, and generate revenue in this way. Kodak also plans to provide professional services to the commercial and digital printing markets

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