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Kodak inkjet solutions helped SOS print media group increase its production capacity

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sos print media group inkjet rotary machine solution

Kodak peak prosper 1000 printing machine has a monthly printing volume of more than 40million

Sydney, Australia, December 12. 12 months ago, Sydney SOS print media group installed Kodak high-performance inkjet rotary machine solutions Kodak peak prosper 1000 printing machine. Michael Schulz, group director, said recently that Kodak's first installation of this new technology in Australia has achieved initial results

being the first person to eat crabs means that we can lead the trend and walk at the forefront of innovation. This will build solid strength for us, because this industry needs to quickly respond to market changes, and this is the only way to win. Schulz said

the reason why we choose Kodak Dingsheng prosper 1000 printing machine is that we need a high-speed, high-quality inkjet solution that can help. 6. Why should we strengthen the construction of new material collaborative innovation system? We increase production capacity. Since the installation of the printing machine, our production capacity has been significantly improved, and has become our essential equipment; With the increasing number of digital printing materials, the importance of this printing machine is increasing day by day. Schulz said

sos printing media group uses Kodak prosper 1000 printing machine to produce all kinds of black-and-white books for publishing customers. On this printing machine, we can print 50 to 5000 copies, which is very suitable for on-demand publishing environment. Schulz revealed that the company now also uses Kodak Dingsheng prosper 1000 printing machine to produce the prints printed by the former offset press. Kodak prosper 1000 printer must be inserted into the socket with protective grounding power supply, and the brushing speed is extremely fast, so that we can produce high printing volume operations and maintain high-capacity workflow

schulz said that due to the installation of Kodak Dingsheng prosper 1000 printing machine, the company can transfer some offset printing work to the inkjet platform for printing. This proves that this business is very successful, and our customers are also very satisfied with the results. In addition, we can print prints that we didn't dare to accept orders before, and we have opened up many new businesses

every month, the printing volume of our Kodak Dingsheng prosper 1000 printing machine is as high as 40million. Recently, Kodak's prosper 1000 printing machine has kept us a major customer, who prints millions of prints every month. Once we faced the dilemma of losing our business overseas. Offset printing and toner technology pose challenges to this technology, but Kodak Dingsheng prosper 1000 printing machine has proved to be the most ideal solution

schulz believes that Kodak stream inkjet technology makes the company's printing business more competitive and can meet customers' strict requirements for turnaround time. Kodak Dingsheng prosper 1000 printing machine runs at a speed of up to 200 meters/minute. This is a powerful device, and we are fully tapping its potential

in recent months, SOS print media group has merged its digital business units to provide unified services to customers. Kodak prosper 1000 was initially installed in a separate location, far away from our other digital processes, but soon we found that such efficiency was not high. Schulz said that in October this year, we integrated the digital business department and combined this business with our warehousing and distribution center, which are our fast-growing businesses. Although on-demand printing is growing rapidly, some prints still need to be printed in batches, and then classified and distributed according to needs

schulz said that any new technology has a learning curve, but our operators are brave to meet the challenges. Now they are full of confidence and have found the new opportunities brought by this technology. Kodak prosper 1000 has a lot of advantages, which can significantly save the time of post press processing, and the printed products can be directly sent to the binding equipment. The speed of the printing machine is also excellent, which makes our workflow very flexible

we are very satisfied with the achievements we have made, and we firmly believe that this technology will create huge benefits for us in the future. Schulz concluded

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