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Kodak: Kodak grows with customers

Kang wenweiyi upgraded their Kodak nExpress digital printing machine this year. Lu Weidong, general manager, said that they followed Kodak to do this upgrade. In China, they are the first Kodak users to do this upgrade

in the circle of Kodak users, Mr. Lu and his Beijing kangwenweiyi Graphic Design Co., Ltd. are recognized as the one that has the most in-depth application of Kodak nExpress system and the one that uses Kodak machines best. A rare opportunity, Mr. Lu told us their experience of using Kodak nExpress equipment

one machine in ten years

Kang wenweiyi bought Kodak nexpress2100 digital printing equipment in January 2005. At present, Kodak machine is their main machine. Now, the machine has been running smoothly for five years. Mr. Lu believes that the machine will be in its current state for another five years, for which he is full of confidence

talking about his greatest experience of Kodak digital printing machine, Mr. Lu said that the printing quality of Kodak machine has hardly changed in the past five years, which is the most impressive to him. It is not difficult for traditional offset printing machines to do this, but it is very difficult for digital printing machines to do this. In the past five years, all the machines of other brands purchased by the company have been eliminated, and only Kodak machines are still in use

durability is the most important concept in Kodak equipment design. In Mr. Lu's words, the machine itself is very solid. Mr. Lu said that for ordinary machines, the steel plate of the bracket is generally less than half a centimeter thick. After a long time of use, the bracket will deform, and the machine will reach its service life to identify the quality life. The steel plate used in the support of Kodak machine is up to two centimeters thick, and there has been no deformation in the past five years. Leather is the prerequisite to ensure that the machine can operate under high quality for five years, even in the next five years

sustainable upgrading of software and operating system is also an important part. The upgrading of the software platform and the screw interpretation engine on the Rotating Zigzag bar are important foundations for the continuous use of digital printing equipment in the constantly updated external software environment. With the upgrading of document making and design software for many other brands of machines, the documents submitted by customers can no longer be well explained on the old version of the software. The software of Kodak equipment in CPLD can adapt to the continuous development of software through continuous upgrading. Kang wenweiyi's upgrade in early 2010 is an overall upgrade of hardware and software. Mr. Lu introduced to us that the intelligent leveling correction system, one of the two chuck options installed in this upgrade, can compensate for the accumulated adhesion of vulnerable consumables such as paper scraps and toner in the machine through software analysis and adjustment to compensate for the exposure control in printing, and can also compensate for the uneven printing caused by the wear of vulnerable consumables, so that it can continue to be used like a new machine. Mr. Lu said that after this upgrade, the service life of some key components may be much longer than the original, while reducing a lot of maintenance downtime and improving efficiency

in addition, the machine can continuously add some newly developed functions during use. Through the continuous increase of peripherals and software improvements, kangwenweiyi's machine can now be equipped with the red fluorescent anti-counterfeiting function, which is the latest fifth color application launched by Kodak at the 2010 Birmingham printing exhibition IPEX. Among the digital printing equipment that Mr. Lu has come into contact with, only Kodak can upgrade the hardware and software at the same time. Mr. Lu agrees with Kodak's design concept very much. In his opinion, the reason why the machine can continue to adapt to the future development is that the designer of the machine has foreseen many possibilities of future technological development at the beginning of the design, and has reserved space for future development in the design. Because of this, the machine can be continuously used through upgrading

orc innovates the service mode to help customers stand on their own

digital printing machine is a large and complex printing equipment, and the maintenance of the equipment is also an important part to ensure the high-quality operation of the machine. Unlike the full warranty services of most digital printing equipment suppliers, Kodak adheres to the innovative Orc (operatorreplacementcomponent) concept in the maintenance of digital printing system, and customers undertake a lot of daily maintenance and maintenance work in the operation of the equipment. While promoting customers to be more familiar with the equipment, it also helps customers save a lot of maintenance costs and reduce downtime

as a top-level digital printing equipment, the Kodak nexpress2100 purchased by Kang wenweiyi is the most complex in the digital printing machine. Considering the actual situation of Chinese users, Kodak still provided them with a maintenance method similar to full service two years before the purchase of the machine, and the maintenance work gradually shifted to users after two or three years

Mr. Lu said that they really spend a lot of time on machines. The first half year of using the machine is the stage of exploration. Many things are not very familiar. You have to find the reasons for all kinds of problems. You need to communicate with Kodak engineers a lot, and engineers are often required to come to the factory for maintenance. Get familiar with it after half a year; The real change is that after more than a year, they feel that they have really mastered the essentials of equipment use. In the past two to three years, they need engineers to come to the factory for maintenance only twoorthree times a year, and most of the problems are solved by themselves after communicating with the manufacturer. In Mr. Lu's view, this Orc practice process is an exercise for Kodak and themselves. The result of the exercise is that the machine is used more smoothly and better, and the cooperation between the two sides is more and more pleasant. Mr. Lu said that Kodak's operation mode can be said to force you to become more independent and less dependent on manufacturers. They also deeply understand the benefits of ORC. Customers are really proficient in the use of machines, and the maintenance cost is greatly reduced

now, Mr. Lu and his team are familiar with the use of digital printing machines. They also often help other Kodak users with practical guidance and teach them their skills and experience in using machines. They confidently said that in fact, the use of digital printing machines is not so difficult, and they can skillfully use the most complex machines, let alone other machines. Mr. Lu said that their operators are not all highly educated, and their foreign language skills are not outstanding. Kodak's machine is an all English operating system, but they can handle all kinds of problems smoothly without feeling any difficulty. The digital printing machine looks complex, but in fact, everyone can use it and maintain it by themselves. The key is whether customers want to try by themselves

based on long-term sustainable development

Kang wenweiyi is the first company engaged in the fast printing industry in China, enjoying a high reputation in the industry, and maintaining the domestic leading level in digital printing color control, post press technology, etc. In the most authoritative and influential competition in the field of digital printing application in China, keyin cup digital printing won awards year after year in the China Grand Prix, and won the annual innovative enterprise award in 2008, which is well deserved. In the digital printing industry, Kang wenweiyi has always given the impression of an innovator

digital printing machine is a complex printing equipment. Digital printing equipment of different grades can meet the business needs of different customers. The price of high-end digital printing equipment is sometimes far from that of low-end equipment. People cannot use simple standards to measure the quality of machines. Kodak's digital printing system is targeted at high-end customers and based on long-term sustainable use. In Mr. Lu's view, Kodak equipment is not suitable for customers who only want to operate in a short term. On the one hand, this is due to the high price of the machine. At the same time, the maintenance method of ORC also requires customers to invest a lot of energy in the process of using the equipment, especially in the early stage. In terms of performance, cost and other aspects, the longer customers use the equipment, the more obvious the advantages of Kodak equipment and the smoother it is used. In Mr. Lu's view, the customers who are really suitable for Kodak equipment are those who are also based on long-term and sustainable development and concentrate on deep cultivation and meticulous work

it is the manufacturers who develop and manufacture the equipment, while the customers who really use the equipment deeply have the most direct and real feelings about the use of the machine. Therefore, when Mr. Lu said that the quality of Kodak's machine has been very stable for five years, and it can continue to operate stably and with high quality for five years, it is particularly convincing. From Kang wenweiyi's choice of Kodak to their continuous recognition of Kodak's products and ideas, fundamentally speaking, it is the consistency of the business ideas of both sides. Because they are based on the long term, there is now a happy cooperation between Kang wenweiyi and Kodak; They share common interests

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