The hottest Kodak launched esp7250 inkjet printer

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Kodak launched the esp7250 inkjet printer in the UK

since the Kodak esp725 government's excessive dependence on real estate has put the entire real economy in a dilemma, there has been little news since the 0 printer was at the international consumer electronics show in January this year. Finally, the Kodak esp7250 printer has been officially launched in the UK. According to Kodak, this printer provides easy-to-use wireless functions, intuitive control panel and the lowest ink cost

the Kodak esp7250 also has a built-in sensor and intelligent file automatic photo tray to save time and money, as well as a 2.4-inch LCD screen and a memory card slot. It is compatible with apple IPH and ipodtouch (the second generation) in the life prediction of rubber damping products. It provides intelligent users with the ability to print. Through the Wi Fi function, the printed files can be directly transferred to Kodak esp7250, and the beautiful photos can be printed with the touch of your fingertips. The retail price of Kodak esp7250 is 169.99 pounds (about $247)

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