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Industrial and Commercial Bank of China vigorously promotes intelligent customer service "industrial intelligence"

in the Internet era, time has become a scarce resource, the value of fragmented time has become prominent, people have higher requirements for efficiency, and the era of intelligent services that can respond in seconds, are within reach, and are 7 * 24 hours has quietly arrived. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) changes as needed. Relying on the cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, it launched intelligent customer service intelligence, which has been widely concerned and welcomed by the majority of customers. The maximum service volume per day has exceeded one million, and has become another important channel for ICBC to provide external services and strengthen customer contact

now, no matter whether customers want to query information, understand the latest offers of ICBC or consult banking business, they can find Xiaozhi through ICBC apps such as official account industrial and Commercial Bank of China e-banking, financial e-union, financial E-bank, and ask questions according to their personal habits, and they can get answers in seconds. With its brand-new image, second level response speed, and vivid language style, gongxiaozhi provides customers with 724 hours of service on the friction and wear testing machine line. In less than a year, it has launched a total of 100million machine power switch services. Named gongxiaozhi, it not only represents the intellectualization of service, but also takes the deep meaning of the word Zhizhi, which is known every day. According to the relevant person in charge, according to the in-depth study of customer preferences, ICBC has formulated the service strategy of zhirongqu for gongxiaozhi:

Zhi: using the leading natural semantic recognition technology, accurately identify customer problems, give the best solutions, and recommend personalized products and services according to customer needs

integration: the service content integrates consultation, information inquiry, business handling and preferential sharing, and the service form adopts text + picture + audio + video

fun: express complex financial business in popular language, provide leisure and entertainment and other chat services, and let customers feel fun in communication

it is reported that ICBC adheres to the service concept of building a smart bank, and according to the new needs of customers in the era of Internet finance, will make great efforts to continue to improve the level of intelligent services. With customer satisfaction as the starting point and technological innovation as the driving force, ICBC will gradually build an intelligent service ecological platform with multi-contact, mobile and personalized two-level protection requirements, which requires partial disassembly, review, repair and self-service of equipment, Provide customers with high-quality intelligent service experience

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