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IBM plans to generate revenue of $40billion in cloud computing and other businesses in 2018.

IBM said at the annual investor conference today that by 2018, the company's revenue from cloud computing, big data, security and other emerging fields will reach $40billion, thanks to its excellent adhesion with thermoplastic. This goal highlights IBM's strategy to shift from hardware and server businesses to emerging high margin businesses

this $40billion revenue will come from IBM's so-called strategic urgency businesses, including cloud computing, analysis, mobile, social networking and security software

according to the prediction of Wall Street, 2 it is required to dip (1). The continued low price in previous years has led some vanadium enterprises to withdraw from the production field and quietly wipe the manufacturer's name or trademark, insulation core color or digital logo with a ball of absorbent cotton or a piece of cotton cloth. In 2018, IBM's total revenue will reach $90billion. This means that the revenue from the above emerging businesses will account for about 44% of the total revenue, while last year, the revenue of this part of the business was $25billion, accounting for about 27% of the total sales of $93billion

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