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IBM think 2021: AI and hybrid cloud sing the main melody

at the opening of the think 2021 conference, IBM announced a number of important announcements to promote the development of hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence and accelerate customers' digital transformation strategy

one of the biggest highlights of these announcements today is a new auto SQL function in IBM cloud Pak for data product, which can automatically access and manage data without moving the data first. In addition, IBM has also launched a new AI based tool to modernize applications and workloads so that they can run in a hybrid cloud environment. In addition, there are new AI functions in Watson and upgrades that help expand quantum computing to more scenarios

the autosql capability for IBM cloud Pak for data function released on Tuesday is very important, because the company enables enterprises to automatically access, integrate and manage their data wherever they are. IBM said that this solved one of the most critical pain points faced by customers trying to reduce the complexity of AI data collation. In addition, IBM claims that this helps avoid the high costs involved in migrating data

ibm cloud Pak for data is a fully integrated data and AI platform, which can help enterprises easily collect, organize and analyze data, so as to use these data to provide impetus for AI applications. Autosql claims to be a breakthrough function, which can automatically perform complex data management tasks by using AI to discover, understand, access and protect data distributed in multiple clouds and local environments

ibm said that the main advantage of autosql is that it doesn't need to move data anywhere, and in the past, the integration of multiple data islands and multiple clouds always depended on data migration. IBM said this is critical: according to the latest global AI adoption index 2021 report, nearly 90% of enterprises said that it is crucial for them to adopt AI that they can run AI projects wherever the data is located

autosql for cloud Pak for data has other advantages, especially speed. IBM claims that this function adopts the same query engine for all data sources (including data warehouse, data lake and streaming data), and the speed of responding to distributed queries is nearly 8 times that of other methods, which also reduces the complexity, because it aggregates data from different sources into a unified view

ibm said that autosql added two new functions in cloud Pak for data. One is that autocata will continue to focus on advanced materials and system research log, an AI driven brain that can automatically discover and classify data and help enterprises maintain their real-time directory of distributed data assets. The other is autoprivacy, which can help enterprises use AI to automate data privacy policies

ibm mono2micro

although data management is one of the biggest obstacles to the adoption of hybrid cloud, it is not the only obstacle. Enterprises also need to be able to run their applications in multiple cloud environments, and IBM is trying to do that

ibm has launched an important update of WebSphere hybrid edition, which is mainly used to build and run Java based business applications and stations. Mono2micro is an AI engine developed by IBM R & D center, which can provide suggestions by scanning and analyzing applications, so that developers can quickly rewrite applications to run in a hybrid cloud environment

in essence, the function of this tool suite is to make it easier for developers to create container versions of legacy applications. Enterprises can use mono2micro to more easily determine which applications will be migrated to the cloud, which applications will be containerized, and which applications will be kept locally

previously, refactoring applications to run in software containers required complete manual refactoring of existing code bases. This is very time-consuming and error prone, so IBM decided to use AI instead of performing this task. IBM uses machine learning and deep learning to analyze large enterprise Java applications, provides two alternative refactoring options for applications, and then automatically generates code to reduce the amount of application rewriting and deploy applications as microservices

Watson orchestrate

at the think 2021 conference, IBM announced the launch of an interesting new tool Watson orchestrate, a tool based on IBM AI capabilities, which currently provides a preview version as part of IBM automation cloud Paks suite. It is a new service that relies on natural language processing capabilities to interact with collaborative tools such as slack and Microsoft teams in natural language

the service can also be connected, but polyurethane materials, which are better than polystyrene boards, are out of date. Received from mainstream business applications such as salesforce, sap and workday, it can help enterprise employees complete daily tasks more quickly, including sending emails, arranging meetings, and other more important tasks, such as preparing proposals or business plans

Watson orchestrate uses an AI engine to automatically select and sort the packaging functions required to perform tasks, and then dynamically connect applications, tools, data and history

holger Mueller, an analyst at constellation research, believes that mono2micro and Watson orchestrate are the most interesting innovations launched by IBM at the think 2021 conference

Mueller said: these two services have great potential to improve people's productivity and promote the development of enterprises. Obviously, IBM's innovation engine is running at a higher speed again, most of which are directly market-oriented from IBM's R & D center

Maximo mobile

IBM also released a new Maximo mobile platform to try to innovate in the field of IOT. Based on IBM's Maximo asset management platform, the platform aims to simplify and reduce the burden on technicians and engineers to manage physical assets and infrastructure (such as roads, bridges, production lines, power plants and refineries)

maximo mobile platform has an easy-to-use interface, and uses AI to discover and generate operational data insights about these assets. IBM said that this allows technicians to ensure that everything runs more effectively

project codenet

AI has also become the foundation of IBM's new open source project project project codenet, which aims to understand and translate software code more effectively. Project codenet is a huge open source data set. After long-term clinical verification, PMMA is an ideal intraocular lens material. Its material is stable, light, transparent, refractive index is 1.49, and it is a hydrophobic material; It has good anti-aging and anti environmental change characteristics, good acid, alkali and organic solvent resistance characteristics and good biocompatibility, including 14million code examples and 500million code lines using 55 programming languages

ibm said that codenet aims to solve three key challenges: first, its purpose is to automatically convert one kind of code into another. Secondly, the overlap and similarity between different codes can be identified. Finally, code restrictions can be customized according to the specific needs and parameters of developers to determine the best code for a specific project

ibm said that project codenet is the largest and most different data set among similar products, and will become a valuable benchmark for source to source transformation and the transformation of legacy code bases into modern code languages

Charles king, pund it analyst, believes that the highlight of this year's IBM think conference is that IBM is increasing its investment in AI and hybrid cloud, trying to make it serve customers

King said: so far, we have seen that many AI related plans have focused on large-scale projects that take several years to complete. Therefore, it is crucial for IBM to launch feasible solutions and services that support AI. For example, the autosql function in cloud Pak for data can greatly speed up the data search process. Watson orchestrate is used to automate and improve the efficiency of business processes, while project codenet is used to understand and translate code using artificial intelligence

qiskit runtime

hybrid cloud and AI are the most important topics for IBM at present, but IBM has not ignored the future. IBM believes that quantum computing will play an important role in the future development of enterprise it. For this reason, IBM announced the launch of qiskit runtime software, which constitutes a convergence effect, in order to help developers use quantum software faster and easier

ibm said that the qiskit runtime, hosted in the cloud, can increase the speed of quantum circuits as the building blocks of quantum computers by up to 120 times, so that the main uses of quantum computing complex computing (such as chemical modeling and financial risk analysis) can be completed in a few hours, not weeks

King said: I'm glad to see that IBM continues to provide highly complex future oriented innovations such as the qiskit runtime to significantly improve the speed of quantum circuits after just announcing the progress of the 2-nanometer process a few days ago

partner ecosystem

in addition to the large number of updates announced today, IBM has also announced some announcements for the partner ecosystem, including some new capabilities, skill training and technical advantages designed to help partners succeed. For example, IBM has created a new capability framework that will enable partners to prove their expertise, technical validation, and sales success in areas such as hybrid cloud infrastructure, automation, and security

ibm has also expanded the coverage of the cloud engagement fund, which mainly provides cloud credit and technical resources to partners to help migrate customers' workloads to hybrid cloud environments

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