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The integrated circuit industry Investment Summit was held. Three major projects were settled in Jimo, Qingdao. On the 5th, the 2018 international integrated circuit industry investment (Qingdao) summit was held in Qingdao International Convention Center. The summit was jointly hosted by Jimo District People's government, Qingdao urban construction investment (Group) Co., Ltd. and Walden International, and supported by Qingdao Municipal Commission of economy and information technology and the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Qingdao municipal government. On the same day, a number of projects, including the 12 inch advanced analog chip integrated circuit industry base, OLED panel equipment manufacturing, and the third generation semiconductor material gallium nitride, settled in Jimo district

many financial institutions expressed strong investment confidence in the prospect of developing the integrated circuit industry in Qingdao. With the theme of "core dream and new kinetic energy", the summit invited 400 elites from all walks of life in the integrated circuit industry at home and abroad to gather in Qingdao to discuss the new ecology and new hot spots of the development of the integrated circuit industry at home and abroad, tap the advantages and opportunities of Qingdao in the integrated circuit industry, create an advanced industrial cluster for the green development of integrated circuit innovation in Qingdao, and help Qingdao speed up the major project of transforming old and new kinetic energy

at this summit, the people's Government of Jimo district and Qingdao Urban Investment Group signed a cooperation agreement with world-renowned semiconductor enterprises such as Neville technology, Thalys, silique, etc. the tensile testing machine, also known as the universal material testing machine, is used to carry out static loading, stretching, tightening, bending, shearing Mechanical afterburner for stripping and other mechanical performance experiments. In Qingdao semiconductor industrial park located in Jimo District, a 12 inch advanced analog chip integrated circuit industrial base, OLED panel equipment manufacturing, gallium nitride, a third-generation semiconductor material, and many other projects have been built

the Qingdao 12 inch advanced analog chip industry manufacturing base project is located in Aoshan Bay, Jimo District, covering a total area of about 500 mu. The Jimo district government, Qingdao urban investment group, Hangzhou silijie and Qingdao Thalys will give full play to their respective advantages in the cooperation. They plan to jointly invest about 18billion yuan to build a 12 inch analog integrated circuit chip production line, with a planned production capacity of 40000 chips per month. Through the support of this project, more analog chip design companies can be attracted to settle in Qingdao. The experiments of universal material experimental performance include: stretching, tightening, zigzag, shearing, adhesion, cracking, stripping, etc., and gradually form industrial agglomeration, so as to build Qingdao into a national simulation industry base and enter the first camp of the global simulation industry

the electronic information industry is a 100 billion level new industrial industry that Qingdao focuses on. Haier, Hisense, Goethe and other enterprises have a huge purchase demand for semiconductors every year. BAIC new energy Qingdao base is the largest pure electric vehicle production base in the world. With the development of the automotive industry towards automation and electrification, semiconductor chips will account for more than half of the automotive cost after a long-term development. Developing the semiconductor industry is conducive to promoting the supply side reform and the transformation of new and old driving forces in the city, and is conducive to leading the transformation from made in Qingdao to intelligent made in Qingdao

as one of the initiators and sponsors of this summit, Qingdao Urban Investment Group has given full play to its three characteristics of being familiar with the political and business environment, being proficient in industrial policies and having capital advantages since 2015. Based on the new main business of industry city integration, it has explored a new mode of transformation and development of "science and technology + Finance + property" and accelerated the pace of enterprise transformation and upgrading. Through cooperation with well-known funds at home and abroad, build a heavyweight fund group with a total scale of more than 68billion yuan, and then build an industrial capital investment attraction platform. At present, the packaging and testing projects of semiconductor leading enterprises such as Weill Co., Ltd. and Howell technology have been introduced and settled in Qingdao. Financial institutions such as the national integrated circuit industry investment fund Co., Ltd. and China Everbright Holdings Co., Ltd. also expressed strong confidence in the prospect of Qingdao's development of the integrated circuit industry

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