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IBM provides free "network safety immunity" testing services for enterprises

just after the spring of 2020, the epidemic caused by novel coronavirus has spread all over the country, and the whole country has been involved in this war. In this extraordinary period of national isolation,

education, online trading, remote office and other remote collaboration modes have become all other statements, which can be regarded as forward-looking statements, effective measures during the anti epidemic period, and also led to a surge in network load

threats such as hackers and viruses will not stop because of the epidemic, but will take advantage of it to launch network attacks such as apt, DDoS, Trojans, fishing with the help of various hot topics

in the face of many accompanying challenges and threats, network security has become the last line of defense to ensure social order and the digital lifeline of the national economy during the anti epidemic period

in fact, network security viruses are very similar to biological viruses in mechanism and mode of transmission. Only after being attacked for a period of time, can they fully appear, accounting for such a large share, which is mainly due to its key utilization fields and outbreak. In the face of the epidemic, in addition to self isolation, we need to improve our immunity to resist the invasion of the virus; In the face of network threats, when blocking is ineffective, enterprises should carry out active defense to improve their safety immunity

ibm, as the world's largest enterprise network security provider and a leader in 12 market segments, has been committed to building a sound network security immune system for enterprises. In response to the current severe situation, IBM specially launched a free remote immunity testing service, which helps enterprises find security risks and threats in a simple, fast and easy to implement way, and provides intelligent, professional, complete and compliant in-depth security analysis and customized testing reports, providing vaccine type decision-making guidance for enterprise security

what can the enterprise safety immunity assessment do for you

discover security risks and threats in the enterprise through simple, fast and easy implementation:

intelligently integrate and analyze security information, and there is no hiding place for internal and external advanced threats. CISO decision-making is based on

built-in professional analysis model, which is not limited by the analysis level of security personnel. Potential unknown threats achieve the ability required to provide the most complete SoC Platform in the industry, Help improve security operation and maintenance capabilities

provide rich functions and report templates to meet your compliance needs in one stop

what threats are expected to be found through immunity check

malware: such as ransomware wannacry, Petya, badrabbit, etc; Worm, or connect to botnet server

application: plaintext transmission, such as mail, FTP, important business information (bank account)

reconnaissance: scanning for important assets

penetration: all kinds of vulnerability exploitation, Through qflow, that is to say, you can confirm whether the vulnerability exploitation is successful. Last August, you can visit: ordinary users or administrator user authentication failure problems

visualize the discovered problems with artificial intelligence

help customers find unknown threats

conditions for implementation evaluation:

the traffic in the image, especially the traffic between the internal and interconnection

will be standardized, The logs of network devices and security devices that can be automatically identified by the system are sent to qradar

to provide PC servers with unlimited brands

10 core CPU, more than 64GB memory, 1t disk space

Gigabit card. The model of 10 Gigabit card needs to be confirmed (clearly supports napatech, Intel 10GB)

deploy qradar, and enable qflow

qradar environment to connect with the Internet, Synchronous IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence

the estimated workload is man days

according to IBM's security immunity inspection experience, more than 95% of enterprises have various security risks and problems. In this special period when there is no national security without network security, early measures can be taken to nip the threat in the bud and minimize the losses

let's work together to build a secure defense line, overcome difficulties, and win this online and offline anti epidemic war

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