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IBM Cognos helps Jinan Iron and steel group improve the efficiency of enterprise data management

IBM (nyse:ibm) recently announced that IBM Cognos business intelligence solutions have been successfully implemented in Jigang Group Co., Ltd., helping it improve the efficiency of internal data management. Business intelligence business analysis, as an important part of the improvement project of Jigang management information system, has become the core application system of Jigang. Through the implementation of Cognos business intelligence project, the refined management of enterprises has been effectively improved, the decision-making is more accurate, and the cost has been reduced by more than 20%

Shandong Iron and steel Jigang Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1958. After more than half a century of hard work, the annual output of steel and steel is more than 10million tons. It is the core enterprise of Shandong Iron and steel group. The total assets are 46.2 billion yuan. The products are mainly medium plate, medium plate, hot-rolled sheet and cold-rolled sheet. In 2009, 10.5 million tons of steel and 10.7 million tons of steel were produced; Export 403000 tons of steel products, earn foreign exchange of 240million US dollars, and total import and export trade of 830 million US dollars; The sales revenue reached 29.4 billion yuan. It has won the national quality management award, the national advanced unit of spiritual civilization construction, the national environment-friendly enterprise, the national greening model unit, the cleaner production environment-friendly enterprise of China's iron and steel industry, and the honorary title of the national top ten after-sales service units. Jigang Co., Ltd. won the titles of top 100 blue chip companies in China, top 10 blue chip steel enterprises, and top 100 Taurus awards for Chinese listed companies

to improve management efficiency, Bi is imminent

as a veteran iron and steel enterprise, Jinan Iron and steel ranks ahead in the same industry, matching its strong strength (5) the insulation is the improvement of information construction. Since the wrong interface can cause damage to equipment in the National Tenth Five Year Plan period, after more than ten years of development, Jinan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has established a perfect five-level architecture of metallurgical information automation, including basic automation (L1), process automation (L2), production line management and control (MES), business management (ERP), decision support (BI) and other information systems. Before 2008, relying on the perfect five level architecture of metallurgical information automation, the application of BI system was not urgent for Jigang

however, since September 2008, the iron and steel industry has faced a great threat of economic crisis. There are more and more uncontrollable factors in the two major markets of raw material procurement and steel sales, which need to be refined, and the management efficiency can be improved according to the national standardized management, posing new challenges to the information construction of enterprises. On the one hand, the internal operation information systems such as ERP, MES and quality system have accumulated and precipitated a large amount of business historical data, so it is urgent to effectively extract valuable analysis data and prediction information from a large amount of information to support the formulation of enterprise development strategy decisions. On the other hand, in response to the increasingly complex market situation, it is urgent to establish a highly scalable decision support platform with data from various business systems and integration of external data

cognos improves the ability of sales and procurement analysis

in view of the severe form of the steel industry market, with multiple information systems under construction in parallel, Jinan Iron and steel takes raw material procurement and steel sales as the entry point to carry out BI system research, scheme design and system implementation. IBM cognos8 was launched on December 1, 2009. The system clearly and intuitively shows the market situation and internal operation in front of the company's leaders, Provide information support means for the company to quickly respond to market changes and adjust internal business strategies

the main raw materials of iron and steel enterprises include raw materials and raw fuels, whose cost accounts for more than half of the total cost of the enterprise. Jinan Iron and steel is characterized by a large demand for raw materials, no self owned mines, and raw materials need to be imported. In terms of sales, it is characterized by a large variety of products and complex and changeable market conditions. In terms of raw material procurement, Jinan Iron and steel aims to purchase high-quality products at the lowest price. In terms of steel sales, it hopes to sell products at a higher price through market analysis and prediction. Therefore, Jinan Iron and Steel Phase I launched the modules of raw material purchase analysis, product sales analysis, performance management, price prediction and system management, which provides a powerful information support means for the company to quickly respond to market changes

take the purchase of raw materials as an example. When the negotiation of iron ore "Changxie mine" was blocked in 2009, Jinan Iron and steel mainly relied on the purchase of spot goods to maintain production. However, the spot price fluctuates greatly, which requires a long time to monitor the relevant data, predict the price trend, and pay attention to the price trend of imported iron ore sea freight. The online BI system solves these problems

in terms of steel sales, Jinan Iron and steel mainly monitors the annual steel sales, regional distribution, category situation, customer ranking, etc. through the BI system analysis system, so as to effectively grasp the direction of sales regions and customer ranking, and help enterprises quickly adjust their sales strategies

bi is effective, three business opportunities and two hundred million benefits

for the application of supporting BI system, Jinan Iron and steel has specially established a market analysis room independent of the sales department and raw material department. The responsibility of the market analysis room is to study the enterprise marketing policy and decision analysis based on the BI system, and provide the third-party guidance for the management to make decisions

the support provided by the market analysis room to the management through the analysis of external data and internal data mainly includes two aspects: first, risk avoidance. The market analysis room finds the risk in the market and timely gives early warning to the management; 2、 Seize the opportunity. When the opportunity comes, the market analysis room puts forward suggestions to seize the opportunity and create benefits for Jinan Iron and steel. Among them, the external data comes from external authorities, and the internal data comes from the refinement of ERP, MES, quality management and other systems, which are displayed through BI system analysis

in 2010, the BI system helped Jinan Iron and steel seize three business opportunities, creating a benefit of 200 million. The analysis report directly submitted by the market analysis office created 90million yuan and won 110million yuan in cooperation with the procurement department. On July 16th, 2010, the first business opportunity appeared, and the market analysis office made a suggestion to buy iron ore. Since April, due to the domestic policy of eliminating backward production capacity in the steel industry, the continuous escalation of the debt crisis in Greece, and the superposition of domestic and foreign factors, steel prices have fallen sharply for three consecutive months. By July 16, through the analysis of multiple statements provided by the BI system, the Market Analysis Office believed that the low point of purchasing iron ore had reached. Finally, the company adopted the proposal and purchased more than 1 million tons of iron ore, seizing this business opportunity. BI system provides strong support for the up-down analysis required by the market analysis room. As Zhang Yuanfu, the director of the Automation Information Department of Jigang Group and the general manager of Jigang automation information technology company, said, "through the Cognos system platform, Jigang comprehensively analyzes, sorts out and refines the data of all links of production and operation, and provides fast and efficient applications for leaders' decisions, which can continuously improve the management efficiency and level of enterprises, so as to promote the economic benefits and core competitiveness of Jigang."

bi management improvement, exploring and deepening the application of

the online operation of Cognos system has played an important role for enterprises to control market information, purchase and sell scientifically and reasonably, better grasp business opportunities, reduce costs and improve benefits. Through the system platform, the data of all links of production and operation are comprehensively analyzed, sorted out and refined to provide fast decision-making for leaders. Such materials are used as an efficient basis on the k9107 highway between wolfsgr ü N and hundsh ü Bel in Germany, so as to continuously improve the management efficiency and level, and promote the improvement of the company's economic benefits and core competitiveness. Especially in the case of rapid changes in the market, we can use the analysis system to grasp the market dynamics in time, formulate countermeasures as soon as possible, improve the scientific level of important decisions, and realize the process management of enterprise production and operation in advance planning, in-process monitoring and alarm, and post analysis and prediction

Zhang Yuanfu, director of the Automation Information Department of Jigang Group and general manager of the automation information technology company of Jigang Group, said: "with the application of Bi phase I, decision makers have put forward higher requirements for the management of cockpit, dynamic model, dynamic report, real-time prediction and so on. In view of the unrealized functions of these Bi phase I Cognos tools, Jinan Iron and steel is constantly exploring new technologies and planning to build Bi phase II." (end)

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