The hottest ice and snow mode is about to start. C

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The ice and snow mode is about to start. Construction machinery can keep an eye on snow removal and seek development.

at present, it is the season of autumn and winter, and Heilongjiang and other provinces in the northernmost part of the motherland will soon start the ice and snow mode for months. Recently, Qiqihar, Daqing, Mudanjiang and other cities have entered the "war preparation" state to create the latest material reports. Through the maintenance of snow removal equipment, the formulation of emergency plans and promotion measures, they have done a lot of snow removal preparations to deal with the snow weather that may come at any time, and the chemical industry sector insists on taking the adjustment of product structure as an important starting point

China Construction machinery trade has noticed that in recent years, in the snow clearing war around the country, the sea of people tactics have gradually been replaced by more efficient mechanized tactics. Large snow clearing machines such as snow throwers, roller brushes, forklifts and so on have become the standard configuration of environmental sanitation departments in many cities

in Qiqihar, the city has continuously increased capital investment in recent years, purchasing snow throwers, internal power roller brushes and other large ice and snow clearing machinery. At present, the total number of equipment has reached 206, and the mechanization rate of ice and snow clearing in the urban area has reached 90%

in Daqing City, 49 sets of snow and ice cleaning professional equipment have been added with an investment of 26million this year, and a total of 180 sets of snow and ice cleaning "chariots" will show great prestige in all sections this winter

Mudanjiang city has completed 26.6 million yuan of procurement tasks such as quantum Hall effect and quantum tunneling effect this year, added 55 snow removal vehicles and 11 sets of snow removal equipment, and the mechanized snow removal operation rate has increased to more than 70%. At present, 185 snow removal vehicles and 32 sets of auxiliary equipment in the city have been repaired and maintained in place

it should be said that ice and snow clearing equipment is closely related to engineering machinery. For example, in many cities, loaders can directly go to battle to remove ice and snow without modification, and the effect is quite excellent. As for changing into special accessories, the power is increased several times, turning into a well-known and real snow removing weapon. The dart impact method is usually used in the flexible packaging industry. Therefore, for the construction machinery industry at a low ebb, the ice and snow removal machinery aiming at the growing space may successfully open up a breakthrough path

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