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HaoChen ICAD HVAC software int2007i: a new breakthrough domestic leading

HaoChen ICAD HVAC software int2007i: a new breakthrough domestic leading

the ultimate pursuit of aided design software is the perfect combination of platform software and application software. Platform based, application first, are indispensable. In the final analysis, CAD software provides users with solutions rather than simple tools themselves. HaoChen software is committed to providing users with comprehensive solutions and building powerful platform software and cutting-edge application software. The leading CAD platform software in China and the nine series software of the two platforms jointly shape the image of HaoChen, the largest CAD technology provider in China

in 2007, HaoChen icad2007i was grandly launched. Its powerful functions and performance were widely recognized by users and passed the comprehensive certification of authoritative third-party evaluation institutions. Its comprehensive level is leading in China, and some of it surpasses foreign mainstream CAD software! In response, HaoChen's full range of application software has been upgraded, and new versions of nine application software on two platforms have been launched to meet users. Compared with the previous generation of software, its function and performance have been greatly improved. After being tried by senior technicians in the industry, it has reached the leading level in the industry! The author is very pleased with the great achievements made by HaoChen in technical research and development and improving the domestic CAD technology level in a down-to-earth manner, and takes this opportunity to comprehensively introduce HaoChen's newly upgraded application software with a series of articles "2007cad technology breakthrough application software industry specialization"

this issue introduces HaoChen's newly upgraded ICAD HVAC software int2007i

HaoChen icad2007i extends the ARX secondary development interface, giving professional software developers more room to play. Therefore, the functions of HaoChen int2007i have been greatly improved on the basis of 2005I, and have been basically synchronized with HaoChen int6.0 on AutoCAD platform

to gain the recognition and trust of users, the professionalism and practicality of HVAC software is the key, which is closely related to the technical strength of the HVAC software development team. HaoChen has a group of high-quality program developers. HaoChen company has successively cooperated with well-known enterprises Haier and Midea on projects to develop model selection and design software for multi online systems; Subsequently, he cooperated with the editorial board of the practical heating and air conditioning design manual to assist in the release of the new manual. The load calculation software attached to the book was developed within one month under the technical guidance of Professor sunyanxun, the founder of harmonic method

HaoChen int2007i has added two-dimensional air duct design, and has made new breakthroughs in load calculation, traditional heating, thermal coil and waterway design

I. The innovative new version of load calculation

the load calculation in HaoChen int2007i adopts the advanced harmonic response method to realize the 24-hour dynamic cooling load calculation. Various calculation parameters are also the latest data provided by its founder Professor Sun Yanxun after many modifications and corrections, The meteorological parameters are extracted from the latest "special meteorological data set for thermal environment analysis of buildings in China" (written by the meteorological data room of the meteorological information center of the China Meteorological Administration and the Department of building technology science of Tsinghua University, published in 2005), which provides a practical guarantee for the accuracy of the calculation results

HaoChen int2007i solves the problem of simultaneous calculation and display of cooling and heating loads of the same project. The same parameters only need to be input once, and the cooling and heating loads are calculated accordingly. Designers do not need to establish calculation data files separately, and input the same parameters repeatedly, which greatly improves the work efficiency. The calculation results are output to the room number in the drawing, which is convenient and intuitive to view. HaoChen int2007i also provides the function of drawing room calculation. You can modify the room data independently without opening the calculation software, and the results are automatically updated

(I) flexible and open

the customized expansion of the maintenance structure library in HaoChen int2007i once again reflects the openness of HaoChen HVAC software. The designer can add new enclosure structures according to the specific maintenance structure according to the requirements of the three-year task of reducing production capacity in two years, which is flexible, convenient, simple and practical. Excellent functions such as standard type management, room template and unified setting of room parameters are still retained and integrated in the new version

(II) convenient output

HaoChen int2007i has a powerful calculation sheet output function. The calculation results are directly output to excel format, and the hourly calculation results are drawn according to the curve chart to analyze the load results at a glance

second, breaking through the traditional heating design

HaoChen int2007i abandoned the original intermediate data method in the traditional heating design module, and replaced it with the method of drawing extraction, which makes it easier for designers to get started and no longer worry about generating data files. Automatic and manual drawing of heating system diagram and convenient re function make designers more comfortable in design. The newly developed hydraulic calculation of vertical single pipe and vertical double pipe system has friendly interface, simple operation and practical function. For the horizontal heating system, HaoChen int2007i introduced a new hydraulic calculation technology, once again taking the lead in the industry, and achieved a new breakthrough in the combination of plan, system diagram and hydraulic calculation

(I) what you see

in the traditional heating module of HaoChen int2007i, the sketch drawing and traditional intermediate data superposition method in the original version will no longer appear, but the direct construction drawing drawing will be replaced. HaoChen int2007i realizes automatic generation of system diagram, real-time preview and rapid generation; It also provides a powerful system diagram function. The replacement of any radiator form, the movement and replication of risers, and the openness of radiator form will certainly make designers refreshing. In addition, the manual drawing system diagram module is added in HaoChen int2007i, which is more suitable for the needs of different users

(II) horizontal series calculation

HaoChen int2007i comprehensively solves the problems of plan, system diagram and hydraulic calculation of horizontal series system; And make the three closely combined, system diagram and hydraulic calculation. The software adopts the calculation methods and empirical data actually applied in the current design units, and establishes a system form suitable for various complex occasions, which accurately and conveniently solves the hydraulic calculation problem, especially suitable for the more complex horizontal series system

(III) hydraulic calculation of vertical single pipe and double pipe

HaoChen int2007i has comprehensively solved the hydraulic calculation of vertical system for the first time. Vertical single pipe and vertical double pipe systems adopt more practical hydraulic calculation methods, so as to accurately and conveniently solve the hydraulic calculation problem of vertical system. The interface is friendly and the operation is simple, so that the data input is no longer confused

(IV) automatic generation of system diagram

HaoChen int2007i automatically generates system diagrams of various heating forms according to the plane data of each floor. With just one click and one frame, the system diagram will jump onto the paper, and all plane annotation information will be automatically brought into the system diagram. It is easy to realize the one-to-one correspondence between the number of radiator fins, pipe diameter and other annotation information on the plan and system diagram, without omission, which greatly reduces the workload of designers in checking drawings

III. the domestic leading geothermal coil drawing

HaoChen int2007i realizes the automatic layout of coils in special-shaped rooms for the first time. While drawing the coil, it can dynamically calculate the heat dissipation and coil length. The geothermal coil design function of HaoChen HVAC software is not only the first developed in China, but also the most perfect function in China. Users can use it to double the design efficiency

IV. free drawing and easy two-dimensional ventilation and air conditioning plane design

in the air duct drawing, designers can change the positioning, air duct elevation, pipe diameter, alignment, pipe section shape, etc. at any time, and automatically add and reduce the diameter, elbows, round parts, and easily get the results you want

HaoChen int2007i realizes the full compatibility of software functions and CAD platform functions; After modifying the radial stretching, moving and copying of the air duct by using the ad platform command when the workpiece is small or unstable in C, HaoChen int2007i can also be applied to automatically mark and modify

air ducts and equipment can be marked with the air ducts and equipment of the whole drawing at one time

v. air conditioning module

(I) future oriented three-dimensional ventilation and air conditioning design

can automatically generate space drawings, axonometric drawings, system drawings, cross-sectional drawings from floor plans, and automatically make statistics to show the future of design work

(II) air conditioning waterway design

multiple pipelines are arranged in parallel, and the fan coil unit is automatically connected with the pipeline to ensure the rapid layout of the plan. HaoChen int2007i considers the water pressure drop caused by fan coil in the calculation, and calculates a complete water supply and return circuit, rather than just one pipeline

(III) calculation of enthalpy and humidity chart

HaoChen int2007i provides automatic drawing of various air treatment process curves, as well as self-defined drawing of special air treatment processes such as isoenthalpy and isohumidity, which fully meets your actual engineering needs

VI. more wonderful

more wonderful gadgets in the auxiliary module of HaoChen int2007i software provide intimate help for designers

◆ the function of Chinese English two-way HVAC term conversion dictionary meets foreign-related projects: searchable words, expansion, vocabulary, batch replacement, and more importantly, multiple DWG can be replaced together

◆ management of symbol equipment library: the equipment in the library can contain equipment information, and the format of information content can be customized at will; Simple and fast equipment layout function, symbolic equipment can realize intelligent interruption to any line or pline, and can realize free conversion according to the angle

◆ legend function: the open spray foaming process for industrialization is good, which can be extracted from the drawing at will, added and modified at will, and can be called out from the existing symbol equipment library to automatically generate the legend table. (end)

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