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The second mining area of Didao Coal Mine shaft is located in the south wing of the main Anticline of the mining area. It starts from the mining boundary line of the first and second mining areas in the East and ends at the mining boundary line of the second and third mining areas in the West. The coal seam is Chengzihe coal measure, and the design production capacity is 90000 T/A

there are 12 #, 17 #, 18 # minable coal seams in the mining area. The thickness of the coal seam is 1.2 ~ 1.5m. It is a thin coal seam with a dip angle of 21 ° ~ 24 °. The distance between 12 and 17 layers is 74m, and the distance between 12 and 18 layers is 80m. Since the first outburst occurred at the level of - 160m in the mining area, 151 coal and gas outbursts have occurred so far, of which 69 outbursts occurred in 12 layers, accounting for 45.7% of the total number of outbursts encountered in the mining area, and 82 outbursts occurred in 18 layers, accounting for 54.3% of the total number of outbursts, The main regional measures to prevent coal and gas outburst in this mining area are to mine the protective layer, first 18 layers as the upper protective layer, then 17 layers, and finally 12 layers with serious outburst. In recent years, 17 and 18 layers have not been mined, and 12 layers are mainly mined. It is a serious coal and gas outburst layer. Turn on the oil pump

after the first outburst on the 12th floor of the second mining area on April 16, 1970, 69 outbursts have occurred successively, with the outburst coal volume of 2935t, the gas volume of 60933m3, and the average coal volume of 42 Give full play to the efficiency of measurement data, 5t/time, gas volume 883 m3/time, coal face outburst 6 times, tunneling face outburst 63 times. The gas emission in the mining area is relatively large, with a relative gas emission of 43.6 m3/t and an absolute gas emission of 8.7 m3/min, which poses a great threat to safety production. More effective prevention and control measures must be taken to ensure safety production and improve production and economic benefits

2 cause analysis of coal and gas outburst

2.1 coal and gas outburst

according to the product type and the allowable range of the existing agreement

with the extension of mining depth, the increase of in-situ stress and gas pressure, the intensity and frequency of coal and gas outburst also increase. See Table 1 to table 4 for the outburst of mining after 1990

Table 1 outburst in the second mining 12 #/five right blocks driving the main roadway

serial number

outburst time

outburst coal amount/t

outburst gas amount/m3








4 000





1 500



5 600



1 866.7m3/time

Table 3 outburst in secondary mining 12 #/right 5 pieces of coal mining

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