The whole equipment manufacturing industry is stil

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In 2007, the whole equipment manufacturing industry was still investment

Guide: Zheng Xianling, an analyst at CSC such as strength, plasticity, toughness (brittleness), hardness, etc., predicted that the equipment manufacturing industry would still be a hot investment in 2007, and put forward the view of leading premium. Main reasons: 1. The rise in the machinery industry is sustainable. For a long time, as an investment, the machinery industry has shown obvious periodicity, which is mainly related to the country's five years

3. Standardize equipment problems

Zheng Xianling, an analyst at CSC, predicted that the equipment manufacturing industry of the standard production of 200 container bottom plate testing machine for seven years would still be a hot spot for investment, and put forward the view of "leading premium"

main reasons: 1. The rise in the machinery industry is sustainable. For a long time, the machinery industry, as an investment, has shown obvious periodicity, which is mainly related to the national five-year plan. Import substitution and export will change the original global market share of China's machinery industry. Among them, the competitive environment of machine tool industry, heavy machinery, aviation manufacturing, shipbuilding and textile machinery will be improved, the export of construction machinery will grow rapidly, and the industry as a whole will enter the channel of rapid growth. At present, the changes in the market structure, product structure and competition structure of China's machinery industry are historical turns, and the growth of the industry is sustainable. 2. The equipment manufacturing industry has received preferential policies from various competent departments, which is also clearly reflected in the capital market. Recently, the asset injection of military enterprises has attracted much attention. The asset injection of Hudong heavy machinery (65.26, -7.25, -10.00%), Xichang International (18.45, -1.24, -6.30%), rocket shares (18.42, -2.04, -9.97%), aerospace Chenguang (19.04, -2.12, -10.02%) and so on has become the focus of market attention. It is expected that the CSRC will continue to support relevant enterprises in the capital operation of enterprises involving 16 major equipment fields

from the perspective of products involved in major equipment, the main users of energy, environmental protection and transportation equipment are still monopoly state-owned enterprises, equivalent to national orders. From the perspective of local governments, they are more willing to help large enterprises strive for relevant preferential policies. In the next few years, large state-owned enterprises are expected to apply for new scientific research projects and obtain relevant preferential policies. Therefore, there will still be a "leading premium" in the equipment manufacturing industry, focusing on leading enterprises in the 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and enterprises with national technology centers for the design of key equipment. Specifically, it can be divided into five categories: 1. Enterprises with international competitiveness and positioning as global industry leaders. For example, CIMC group (24.66, -2.74, -10.00%), Zhenhua Port Machinery (13.39, -1.47, -9.89%). These enterprises have the ability to lead the industry and formulate national and even international standards, and their main products are not extended to other fields, so it is easier to obtain relevant national scientific research projects in the fields they cover. 2. Enterprises with technology close to the international advanced level and huge export potential. Such as leading enterprises in shipbuilding industry and construction machinery. 3. Leading enterprises of CNC machine tools, textile machinery and printing machinery with high import dependence and large import substitution space; Leading heavy machinery enterprises, including coal and petroleum equipment enterprises, will formally test the samples after the hardness tester is in the normal operation mechanism state. 4. Military, railway, energy equipment assets reorganization enterprises; 5. Integration of key supporting parts enterprises, such as leading enterprises in the bearing industry

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