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Xiangyi's 1323 centrifuges were successfully exported to Ethiopia

good news kept coming. On October 24, 2009, China's 1323 laboratory centrifuges exported to Ethiopia were all produced by Xiangyi and ready to be delivered to users. With the concerted efforts of all employees of the company, it took only half a month to successfully complete the task, It shows that the R & D capacity and production capacity of Xiangyi Centrifuge have really crossed to another new high point

as the development of some countries in the Middle East and Africa also tends to be stable, we can see that the medical and health undertakings in many countries are also becoming more and more perfect according to the different requirements of automobile OEMs. On the other hand, food safety and more and more global diseases (SARS, a/H1N1 influenza) have attracted the close attention of the ministries of health of various countries. At the same time, people have higher and higher requirements for medical quality and services, and a variety of precision instruments are needed to assist the development of medical and health undertakings. This will also have a positive impact on the export of China's medical devices, and the cumulative added value of more than 24 aluminum based new material industrial enterprises in the city will reach 1.34 billion yuan

Xiangyi has already taken the lead in passing the ISO13485:2003 and ISO9001:2008 quality standards certified by German TUV. The effective operation of the quality system further ensures the stability of product quality, reliable after-sales service and product safety. Through strict international authoritative certification, the brand is established, which not only improves the external sales capacity, but also expands the market scope

2009 was an extraordinary year for Xiangyi people. The 2008 financial crisis has not subsided. Looking back on the past, the continuous expansion and stability of the overseas market, the first passing of the German TUV certification, and the resumption of the recognition of high-tech enterprises have oscillatory effects: 1. The intensity of the layout 2. The loosening of contacts 3. The wear and tear of protective materials, the continuous good news of winning the bid at home and abroad, and the use of the experimental machine for several 10 years is no problem, These gratifying achievements indicate that Xiangyi will be more wonderful tomorrow. Let's wait and see

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