About 14 countries around the world are banning th

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About a quarter of the world's countries are banning the use of plastic bags

according to Deutsche Welle, the European Union is considering banning plastic bags. It is estimated that each EU resident uses an average of 500 plastic bags a year, which is a heavy burden on the environment. How much can the ban on plastic bags play in protecting the environment of the ring fatigue testing machine, which is mainly used to test the fatigue performance of metals and their alloys under tensile, compressive or alternating tensile and compressive loads at room temperature

when the force on the sample gradually increases to the maximum static friction force, according to the statistics of the German Environmental Protection Association, about 1/4 countries in the world are banning the use of plastic bags or taxing plastic bags. Australia, India and some African countries have issued plastic bag bans, while the services leading the laboratory machine industry are more professional and considerate. Belgium, Ireland and other countries tax plastic bags in order to reduce environmental pollution

the raw material of plastic bags is oil, which is a limited resource that may soon be exhausted. If we can use less plastic bags, we can save oil resources. We should protect resources and use them more cautiously and sustainably

Germany is one step ahead in this regard. The average German uses 60 plastic bags a year, which is only half of that of Australians. In addition, Germany has a fairly sound waste recycling system. In Ireland and other countries, they deal with the problem of plastic bags through taxes, charges and other methods. Dr. weavers believes that these measures are effective: in Ireland, the tax has reduced the consumption of plastic bags by about 90%. In general, restrictions on the use of plastic bags through bans, taxes and other methods have achieved remarkable results

however, the premise of issuing the ban is that there must be corresponding substitutes. In Italy, ordinary plastic bags are banned and replaced by new biodegradable plastic bags. However, the German Federal Environment Agency and the German environmental nature association do not advocate degradable plastic bags because their degradation cycle is nearly 100 years

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