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Recently, Sichuan Daxing Energy Co., Ltd. completed the 100000 ton/100 (2) year methanol unit hydrogen extraction technology transformation project. After on-site simulated commissioning and operation, the unit was officially put into production. After testing, the hydrogen content reached more than 90%, and was smoothly equipped with the synthetic compression system. After several days of stable operation, the analytical gas proposed by the unit is sent to the coke oven gas compressor

the unit adopts pressure swing adsorption technology to carry out pressure swing adsorption on the exhaust gas - purge gas generated after the production of methanol from coke oven gas, so as to contribute a little to the environmental protection of nature. Pure hydrogen and carbon rich gas are taken and re distributed into the production system to increase the ratio of hydrogen to carbon. After being put into operation, more than 4000 cubic meters of hydrogen can be extracted from the purge gas every hour, and the hydrogen can be mixed into the synthesis system (1). Pulse reflection method: by the 7810's of the last century, 13500 tons of methanol can be produced every year, increasing the company's income by more than 8million yuan

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