Advantages of the hottest 5-axis machining

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Advantages of 5-axis machining

only by selecting a practical scheme in practical application can the advantages of 5-axis machining be fully reflected and have a far-reaching impact on the final machining effect

technologies and equipment applicable to multi axis machining have already appeared around us. In aviation, petroleum, medical treatment, mold manufacturing and other industries, the 5-axis linkage processing method is basically the same, but each industry has its own special application mode. They need to determine how to make the manufacturer better complete the production task

in vertical and horizontal milling, two axes are added to the existing x, y and Z axes. Generally speaking, these two axes are rotation axes, one rotates around the Z axis, and the other is the tilt axis, rotating around the Y or X axis

at present, there are three main methods for adopting the 5-axis linkage milling technology: a special 5-axis machining center; Adopt inclined rotary or trunnion type workbench; Use spindle machining head accessories

the spindle accessory shown in Figure 1 weighs about 150Lb (0.45kg), which provides an economic method for 3-axis CNC milling machine to obtain 5-axis power machining.

special 5-axis machining center

at present, there are more than 15 original equipment manufacturers of 5-axis machining centers in the machine tools sold in the United States. Most of them are large-scale equipment, with powerful power, high processing accuracy and high price, generally ranging from $50000 to $150000, or even higher. At present, the starting price of the cheapest processing center in the market is about 25000 US dollars

the main disadvantages of special 5-axis machining machine tools are: their motion range is very limited, generally limited to ± 30; The workpiece requiring steep slope angle cutting must adopt manual silicon Pu golf course, with environmental protection performance: secondary positioning and restart. Moreover, the rigidity of this kind of machine tool is not as good as that of the same size and type of 3-axis machine tool

in recent years, many companies have begun to adopt special 5-axis machining centers, and their inclined worktables are installed together with the worktables of milling machines. Although the size and weight of parts that can be processed by this kind of machine tool are very limited, the price of this kind of hybrid machine tool is also very expensive

tilting rotary table

several machine tool manufacturers produce tilting rotary tables installed on 3-axis CNC machine tools. The simple rotary worktable has been sold in the market for many years and is widely used in small and large machining workshops around the world for indexing parts and various machining operations

the tilting rotary table can make the parts rotate and tilt according to various angles, which is conducive to the tool of the machine tool approaching multiple machining surfaces of the parts to achieve the purpose of true 5-axis machining

the working surface of the inclined rotary worktable is relatively small, the types of workpieces that can be installed and clamped are very limited, and there are certain restrictions on the length, width and weight of workpieces. In addition, the volume of the tilting rotary table itself is large, which occupies a large working range of the main machine to continue to stretch the standard tensile specimen at the speed specified in gb/t228 ⑵ 002 standard. The largest tilting rotary table can even occupy more than 75% of the working range of the host

during heavy cutting operations, the tilting rotary table is not suitable for clamping machined parts, because parts longer than 12in (1in=25.4mm) may collide with the surrounding surface. Although the tilting rotary table is a very suitable solution for processing small parts, today's customers require the machine tool to have greater flexibility and broad processing capacity. If this is the only optional method for 5-axis machining, the machining workshop cannot process workpieces that exceed their size and weight limits

Figure 2 this large 3-axis CNC milling machine can be converted into a fully programmable 5-axis machining center within 30min

spindle high-strength machining head accessory

the main advantage of spindle machining head accessory is that it can approach all points within the working range of the machining center. The spindle machining head has no limit on the size of the workpiece to be machined

today, only a few companies in the United States, Italy and Germany manufacture and sell programmable spindle machining head accessories, which are used for large 3-axis milling machines. If the installation is reasonable, these spindle machining heads are quite reliable, and the machining accuracy will be very high, but the price is more expensive. Because of their size and weight, they are not suitable for installation on small and medium-sized machining centers, but only suitable for large gantry milling machines. And the installation is permanent, requiring special manufacturing and assembly. The price of such spindle machining head accessories is US $175000 to US $300000, plus special commissioning and installation costs

the only exception is that there is a fully programmable spindle head accessory, which can transform any 3-axis CNC machine tool into a real 5-axis linkage machining center. If a function that can tilt ± 90 ° and rotate 360 ° is added, its tool can approach any machining point within the working range of the machining center

due to the convenient movement of this unique machining head, it can be installed on the machine tool within 30min, so that the customer can not only achieve the advantages of high precision, good rigidity and fast cutting speed of the 3-axis milling machine, but also complete the tasks of 5-axis machining after the accessories are installed on the machine tool, such as contour machining, drilling and cavity recess machining. The cost is roughly equivalent to that of a large inclined rotary table

advantages of 5-axis machining

after analyzing a specific application field and 5-axis machining capability, it is found that 5-axis machining can bring great benefits to mold manufacturers

using a flat end milling cutter and keeping the complex machining surface vertical can greatly reduce the machining time. This result is due to the input of the whole diameter of the tool

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