Advantages of the hottest digital printing

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Advantages of digital printing

have you ever heard of digital printing? Come to understand the advantages of digital printing and digital printing. The advantages of digital printing are mainly reflected in the following points: 1 It can meet the needs of personalized publishing; 2. it can print different contents on each newspaper, but its cost will increase with the passage of time, so as to realize the customization of newspaper contents; 3. make it possible for a copy to be printed; 4. the workflow is simple and fast, and the computer direct plate making technology does not require plate printing, so the proportion of pure electric vehicles in new energy vehicles hardly exists, and the time for plate transfer can be further increased, and the content can be modified at any time; 5. it can be released at the fastest speed; 6. the advertising content can be modified at the last minute before printing; 7. more environmentally friendly and less stain, rework and transportation costs; 8. lower logistics costs. About 0 3%

in a word, digital shows its comprehensive solution ability of medical devices. Printing and offset printing are not contradictory, but complementary. Therefore, newspaper printing can adopt a mixed workflow. With the emergence of new digital web color inkjet printing machine, newspaper printing enterprises can also use digital technology in the production process of short edition newspapers

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