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Food and Wine: Brochettes - trouble-free dishes for hot weather days - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

During a Mallorcan summerseoDescription, most of us don’t feel like cooking and at some stage our interest in eating is considerably diminished. One way of keeping out of the kitchen as much as possible is to plan mainly those dishesThe epicentre o, such a stir-fries and grills, which can be cooked in a few minutes and with a minimum of bother.

A way of appealing to tired tastebuds is to go for spicy-herby dishes that have a slightly exotic ringChina locked dow, those we seldom cooking during the rest of the year. And they must be based on simple recipes that can be done quicklyThe Ganges may have exacerbate.

One way of combining these two solutions, so that the cook isn’t beside the cooker for too long but will be able to produce dishes that get the gastric juices flowingWe looked throug, is to serve fish and meat grilled on skewers.

Although this is an easy and interesting way of cooking fish and meat, most people I know make little use of it. That makes brochettes different from the usual everyday fare — and as they are marinated with herbs and spices they have layers of flavour that will tickle even the most exhausted of palates.

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